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Google Analytics

To start tracking your users' behaviour and collect data from your mobile app you will need to connect your Google Analytics account to Worona with your Analytics tracking ID.

Where to find your Google Analytics tracking ID

First, go to to sign in. If you don’t have an Analytics account, please create one.

New to Google Analytics? Learn how to sign up and get started here.

Then, follow the next steps:

1. Click Admin at the bottom on the left menu.

2. Select your account from the drop down menu in the Account column.

3. In the Property column, select the property you want to link to Worona and click on Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

Analytics - Tracking Code

4. There you will find your tracking ID, a string like UA-000000-2 that tells Analytics which account and property to send data to. Copy that number and come back to your Worona dashboard.

Tracking Code Analytics

5. Once you're back on your dashboard, go to Configure your site > Extensions > Analytics and paste your tracking ID. Remember to hit Save after entering the number.

Worona Dashboard - Enter tracking ID

How to separate data collected from your app

Want to organize and separate data collected from your mobile app?

One option to do so is by creating an additional Google Analytics account. If you're not sure how to do this, please follow these instructions.

Another way is by defining a Custom Dimension on your Analytics account. We'll show you how, keep reading.

Set up a Custom Dimension

Custom dimensions are like default dimensions (attributes of your data), except you create them yourself. They can be used to describe data not included in the default dimensions in Analytics.

Follow the next steps from Google Analytics Help in order to set up a custom dimension:

Note: if you want to use an existing custom dimension, you can go directly to the step number 8.

1. Click Admin at the bottom on the left menu.

2. Navigate to the Property column and select the property to which you want to add a custom dimension.

3. Then click Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions (see image below).

Analytics - Custom Dimensions

4. Click the + New Custom Dimension button.

5. Enter a name for your custom dimension.

6. Select the scope: hit, session, user, or product. Read more about scope here.

7. Check the Active box to start collecting data and then click Create.

8. Copy or memorize the index number that Google Analytics has assigned to your custom dimension.

Analytics - Index number

9. Go back to your Worona dashboard and select the Use a custom dimension? option. Then enter the index number below and add a value to be assigned to your custom dimension, just like in the screenshot below.

Dashboard - Index

10. Remember to click Save one you have finished these steps.

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