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If you're having trouble adding your WordPress site to Worona, this is probably because your site:

  • Is not online or available
  • Or does not have Worona's plugin installed, activated, or correctly configured.

Let see each of these errors in detail and how to fix them.

1. Your site is not online

As you can see in the screenshot below, this error may occur if:

  • You have entered an incorrect or misspelled URL, or
  • If your WordPress website is down or too slow to respond.

The first thing you should do is double-check that you entered a valid URL for your website. To do so, click the Edit your URL button of the warning box.

error 1 - site not online

Then make sure your site is correctly spelled and amend any mistakes if necessary. Once you are done click the Edit button.


This will take you to the previous page, where our system will automatically check that everything works fine this time.

The warning box should go green with a check mark - this means the problem has been solved. If the warning box is still in red (and you're sure that your URL is valid), it can mean that your WordPress is down or too slow to respond. In that case, consider contacting your web hosting provider.

2. Worona WordPress plugin is missing

This error indicates that our WordPress plugin is not installed or is not activated. Worona's plugin allows to synchronize your WordPress site with our platform, which is an essential requirement for the proper functioning of Worona.

error 2 - worona plugin missing

To solve this issue, click the Install Worona Plugin button and follow our plugin installation guide.

If you have correctly installed and activated our plugin, the warning box should go green with a check mark. In case you keep getting the same error, please visit the Worona plugin troubleshooting page.

3. WordPress REST API plugin is missing

Installing and activating the WordPress REST API plugin is a necessary step and part of Worona's plugin configuration. Therefore, this error will show up if you haven't correctly configured our plugin after its installation.

To fix this, click the Install WordPress REST API button or follow the steps of our plugin configuration guide.

You can alternatively download the WP-REST API plugin from here:

error 3 - rest api plugin missing

Once you have configured our plugin (and installed the REST API plugin), the warning box will go green with a check mark and give you access to our dashboard.

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