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"Do It Yourself" Publish

If you've decided to publish your app yourself, you have landed on the right spot. This guide will walk you through the first steps of how to publish your mobile app and compile the app source code using PhoneGap Build.

Requirements for publishing

In order to submit your app to the stores you need to have your own Apple and Google developer accounts, and a Mac computer to upload the iOS app to the Apple App Store.

The price of the developer accounts is:

Download Worona .zip file

After configuring your mobile app, go to Publish > App Store & Google Play, and follow the instructions indicated on this page.


Once you are in the step 3 (Publish), click the Download button to get a .zip file with the source code.


Compile your app with PhoneGap Build

Once you've downloaded your .zip file, go to

1. Create a free account

Click the Get startedor Sign up button.

Choose the free plan, and click the Get an Adobe ID link in the next step.


Fill in the short form and click the Sign up button.

2. Upload your .zip file

Go to "Apps" (if you are not already there) and click Upload a .zip file.


Select the .zip file you previously downloaded and when it is uploaded, click Ready to Build.

When the app is finished building, click on your app name. As you can see in the image below, it would be "Govoid" in our case.


3. Android

Here you'll see that you can download an .apk file to test it on your Android device. This is a debug .apk without any key selected.


You need to add a key in order to create a production .apk file. Go to Phonegap Build documentation to learn how to add a key.

4. iOS

iOS requires setting up a developer certificate and provisioning profile before you can install the app on your device - that's why it shows the red warning box.


First you need to create the certificates through Apple, then upload them to PhoneGap Build.

To do so, follow the instructions of PhoneGap Build documentation.

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