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Starter Pro Theme

Worona Starter Pro Theme is a new theme that supports pages and a customizable menu. Let's see all the customization options that it includes and how to configure it.


  • Theme color: choose the color you want to display in your app.
  • Featured image: select whether you want to display or not your posts' featured images.
  • Categories: select whether you want to display or not your posts' categories.
  • Right-to-left text direction: text direction refers to the reading order, alignment, and overall layout of screen elements. With this feature you can change your display to read right-to-left.
  • Language: choose between the different languages available.

Starter Pro Theme - Style

Front Page

The is the first screen that your users will see when your app is opened (not to be confused with the splash screen or image shown when the app is loading).

Use the drop-down menu called Type to select the content type you'd like to display on the front page of your app. You can choose between:

  • A list of your latest posts
  • A list of posts sorted by one category
  • A page of your WordPress site.

Starter Pro Theme - Front Page

Here you can configure your app menu by adding and customizing different menu items.

Click on the drop-down menu of any element to see all the customization options:

  • Rename that menu item (label)
  • Select the type of content you'd like to display when your users click on that menu item (your latest posts, your posts sorted by one category, a page of your WordPress site, or a external link).

Once finished, click the Close button.

You can add as many menu items as you want just by clicking the Add menu element button.

Don't forget to hit the blue Save button at the bottom part when you are done to apply all changes.

Starter Pro Theme - Menu

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