Important announcement: Worona's platform and services will not be available after October 20, 2018. Learn more.

Install and configure the Worona plugin

Let's see how to install and configure Worona's plugin.

There are two ways to install our plugin:

1. Install from your WordPress Control Panel

Go to your WordPress Control Panel. Then go to Plugins > Add new, and search for "Worona".


Click the Install Now button.

Once the plugin has been installed, click Activate Plugin.

2. Install from the WordPress Plugin Directory

worona-plugin-directory Go to the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Click the Download button to get a .zip file.

Once the download is completed, go to your WordPress Control Panel > Plugins > Add new. Click Upload Plugin and upload the previous .zip file.

Remember to click Activate Plugin after it is installed.

Configure the Worona plugin

Once our plugin has been installed and activated, a new "Worona" menu item should appear on the left. Click on it to visit the "Worona Admin" page.


On the "Worona Admin" page you'll find four steps to follow in order to configure our plugin. We'll see each of these steps in greater detail here below.

1. Install WP-REST API plugin

Click the Download Plugin button, and then Install Now in the bottom right corner.



You can alternatively download the WP-REST API plugin from:

2. Activate WP-REST API plugin

When the WordPress REST API plugin has been installed, click on Activate Plugin.

You can also activate it from the "Worona Admin" page (step 2).


3. Register in Worona

Go back to the "Worona Admin" page if you are not already there.

If you don't have a Worona account:

Click the Register button and follow the on-screen instructions.


If you have a Worona account and have already added a WordPress site:

Click the Insert an existing site ID link.


You will see right away a yellow warning box on the right side of the screen where you can enter your site ID.

Where can you find your Site ID?

Go to Worona Dashboard > Sites to know where your WordPress site ID is.


Once you've got it, go back to the "Worona Admin" page and enter that number in the yellow warning box. Then click the Change button.


4. Configure your site

This is the final step. Click Configure to go to our dashboard - there you will be able to customize your mobile app, and submit it to the stores.


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